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University Materials Council - Dues Policy

Last updated Aug. 18, 2015

Annual dues are requested from all members of the University Materials Council. These funds provide coverage of incidental expenses at meetings including food, internet access, etc. In addition, they have been used to cover the cost of special programs and/or topical meeting of the UMC. Other expenses such as those associated with the annual survey and website maintenance also come from these funds.

The annual dues are currently $200 /yr for department or program.

Initial dues are requested at the time of joining.

Annual dues are collected in the Fall Term of the Academic Year.

A reminder email is typically sent in August each year.

Inquiries about dues payment can be made to:

MacKenzie Kreutzberg
Case Western Reserve University
Assistant to the Chair
Materials Science & Engineering
White Bldg., Room 316

Last Updated: April 27, 2020


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