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Date Posted Institution Search Area Faculty/Search Level Closing/Review Date Search
13/01/2021 UChicago Argonne Argonne National Laboratory Chief Scientist   PDF
12/11/20 Iowa State University MSE - Ames Laboratory Postdoctoral Research Associate 1/3/2021 WEB
11/12/20 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign MSE open rank 12/15/2020 PDF
11/6/20 Princeton University (PRISM) MSE Assistant Professor 12/15/2020 DOC
10/4/20 UC Berkeley Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor 11/25/2020 PDF
9/17/20 Carnegie Mellon University Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor 11/1/2020 PDF
6/9/20 New Jersey Institute of Technology Chemical and Materials Engineering Lab Director   PDF
6/9/20 University of Central Florida MSE - nanomaterials, catalysis, energy storage and conversion one Postdoctoral Associate and one Ph.D. student position until filled Email
1/30/20 CalPoly, San Luis Obispo Materials Engineering - Metallurgy Assistant Professor 2/17/2020 WEB
12/21/19 University of California at Irvine Advanced Manufacturing Processes All levels, 3 positions 6/30/2020 WEB
12/3/19 University of California at Irvine Electron Microscopy for Materials Science All levels 1/31/2020 PDF
11/25/19 Drexel University MSE Assistant Professor/Professor 1/1/2020 PDF
11/20/19 Iowa State University
College of Engineering
MSE Department Chair 1/15/2020 PDF
11/18/19 University of California at Berkeley MSE / Synthesis and Processing of Multi-Materials Assistant Professor 12/3/2019 PDF
11/7/19 Arizona State University Quantum-enabled applications via next generation materials All levels 12/16/2019 WEB
11/6/19 Arizona State University Manufacturing and Biomanufacturing All levels 12/16/2019 PDF
11/5/19 University of Texas at Dallas MSE Assistant Professor 12/31/2019 WEB
11/5/19 Arizona State University Renewable energy materials Assistant / Associate / Full 12/16/2019 PDF
11/5/19 Arizona State University Nanomaterials for water purification processes Assistant / Associate / Full 12/16/2019 PDF
10/30/19 Michigan State University CHEMS Assistant Professor 12/2/2019 PDF
10/25/19 University of Central Florida Disability, Aging & Technology Assistant Professor until filled PDF
10/25/19 Washington University, St. Louis MSE energy conversion & harvesting Assistant Professor 12/1/2019 PDF
10/18/19 University of Southern California Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science 3 positions, assistant, associate, or full professor 12/7/2019 WEB
10/13/19 University of Illinois
MSE multiple positions 11/15/2019 PDF
10/8/19 MIT MSE   11/15/2019 WEB
10/8/19 Iowa State University inorganic materials Assistant Professor 11/15/2019 PDF
10/4/19 Florida International University computational mechanics open rank 11/3/2019 PDF
10/4/19 Florida International University advanced manufacturing open rank 11/3/2019 PDF
10/3/19 University of California, Santa Barbara materials open rank 12/15/19 PDF
10/3/19 University of California, Santa Barbara structural materials Assistant Professor 11/11/19 PDF
9/27/19 Carnegie Mellon University MSE Full Professor/Department Head 1/15/2020 PDF
9/27/19 University of Maryland MSE multiple 11/1/2019 PDF
9/25/19 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Soft and biomaterials Assistant Professor 10/15/2019 PDF
9/21/19 Georgia Institute of Technology MSE Assistant Professor 11/15/2019 PDF
9/21/19 Purdue University School of Materials Engineering Materials Engineering Assistant/Associate Professor until filled WEB
9/16/19 University of Utah MSE Assistant/Associate/Full Professor 11/1/2019 PDF
9/10/19 Penn State University, University Park biomaterials, quantum materials, informatics, machine learning and data science in materials, energy materials, optoelectronic materials, polymer science, or metallurgy Assistant or Associate open until filled, review begins May 1, 2019 PDF
8/29/19 Clemson University joint Mechanical / MSE Full or Assoc 9/30/19 PDF
8/28/19 North Carolina University Structural Materials Assistant/Associate/Full Professor 10/1/19 PDF
8/28/19 University of Pennsylvania MSE Assistant, Assoc, Full 11/1/2019 PDF
3/15/19 University of Texas at Arlington Center for Advanced Construction Materials 3 positions   PDF
1/14/19 California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Computational Modeling and Simulation of Materials Assistant or Associate Professor 2/11/2019 WEB
1/4/19 University of Toronto Materials and Manufacturing Assistant Professor 1/28/2019 PDF
1/4/19 University of Toronto Materials and Manufacturing Associate Professor 1/28/2019 PDF
1/4/19 Colorado School of Mines welding chemistry, physical metallurgy and/or corrosion Associate or Full 1/31/2019 PDF
12/14/18 University of Alabama
College of Engineering
manufacturing mettalic materials Asst. Professor   PDF
12/6/18 University of California - Irvine Science and Engineering of Advanced Manufacturing asst, assoc, full 1/10/2019 PDF
12/6/18 Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering MSE all levels Jan 2019 PDF
12/4/18 Clemson University Nuclear Engineering and Radiological
Assistant/Associate Professor until filled PDF
12/4/18 Clemson University polymer materials science faculty position 1/18/2019 PDF


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